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matematici ricerca e sviluppo

Matematici ReS is a R&D spin-off of Matematici, intended for the development of research activities in the Data Science market, with particular reference to Business Intelligence tools; currently, its main product is aimed at the REC context, thanks to  Matematici Srl presence in the sector. More generally, the market target of Matematici ReS includes all subjects that use large masses of data, through the design of Data Science and Analytics customized tools.

made ticket

Made Ticket was developed by Matematici RieS thanks to public funding contributions from Lazio region.

Made Ticket is a SIAE certified,  flexible, extendable, integrable and all-purpose platform for the management of almost any kind of entertainment-related activities and services: Theatres, Concerts, Museums, Exhibitions, Events and any type of happening regulated by tickets’ emission. 
Made Ticket is an automated ticketing solution in full compliance with the tax legislation for the sale of tickets and combos, also managing all the accessory services: access control, accounting and taxation, calculation of SIAE rights.
The system is aimed at the management of shows and entertainment events, and can be configured for the sale of tickets and season tickets for various types of events and event organizers.

Its main functions are:

  • Sale and pre-sale of all types of Ticket, including combos, and the creation of all types of Season ticket, formulated by date, seat or sector, fixed, free or mixed
  • Management of the subscription campaign
  • Management of subscriptions payment
  • Choice of seat on plan and / or best-seat
  • Printing of traditional tickets or issue of digital tickets
  • Complete configuration of the event / season and of the event location directly via the web
  • Automatic management of all tax obligations (with Agenzia delle Entrate and SIAE) with verification and control of the outcomes
  • Production of reports for the organizers (including C1 and C2 models), online and in real time
  • Automatic generation of accounting / administrative reporting
  • Integration between different sales channels: Points Of Sale, web, ATMs, call centers, etc.
  • Real-time interaction with tour operators, incoming agencies, group offices, hotel structures
  • New generation integrated access control, with simultaneous updating of the list of access tickets

The system is intended for the management of shows and entertainment events, and can be configured for the sale of tickets and season tickets for various types of events, such as:

  • Shows and concerts
  • Theatrical events and musical comedies
  • Amusement and theme parks
  • Exhibitions
  • Museums (exhibitions inside museums)
  • Musei (mostre all’interno di Musei)
  • Single room, multiplex and multiplex cinema
  • Dance events with live music or with DJ

Made Ticket allows the operator for maximum  configuration flexibility and ease of use, and the end customer for the purchase and renewal of season tickets.

  • Box office
  • Season tickets and combos
  • SIAE rights calculation
  • Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Deferred payment management
  • Access control
  • Real-time reporting

La società
Matematici Ricerca e Sviluppo ha ricevuto durante gli esercizi del periodo dal 2018 al 2021,  aiuti di Stato di cui all’art. 52, Legge n. 234/2012 oggetto di obbligo di pubblicazione nel Registro Nazionale Aiuti di Stato ( sul quale sono indicati dettagliatamente completi di importi nella sezione trasparenza a cui si rinvia.